The stabbing, the inevitable mental and physical killing, holding a knife to take a life.

Stab me in the eyes, stab me through the heart, stab me in the ear, stab me to the wall, stab me in the gut, stab me in the mouth, stab me silent, stab me nonexistent, stab me for you enjoyment, stab me so you could live, stab me for you to have you power, power like you thought you would, it is you decisition, you have the knife, stab me that I would not be.

Stab me to manifest your hand, your body, you religion, your faith, stab me with your pride, stab me to show your contempt, your superiority, stab me to be your subject, target for you and your hate and see me bleed dry like I deserve it. Where my blood runs, see it on the ground, it is progress of error from which we live. A murder that happens without satisfying end. Why I ask, it is for you to see what you are and I am not, it is pathetic.