Any branch that wishes to appear ethical should be so to the very bottom. Not just to appear ethical but be ethical.

Ethical glued on does not work nor seem reliable to trust. Those well-meaning thoughts, efforts and concerns fall flat when the whole industry is rotten to the core. When one does the opposite to someone and the polishes the image with other hand. You know what I mean? Like washing clean something that is spoilt. When practices in use do not stand the light of day one can ask what is going on and why grievances have not been dealt with properly? Such as getting paid for job done, poor working conditions where bullying is more than a rule and work is difficult to find without connections, striking sexism which oddly lives on, holding on to authority of institutions and experts who are at the highest rank not taking the branch forward but keeping it unchanged, not to mention rights of other laborers who work to build the facilities, maintain them and so on. Still artist is at the bottom of all this and very few actually stand up for artists. Of course it is commonly narcissistic field luring those who wish to make money where it is to be made, artists with ideas make value for those above. It is not questioned because artists are often depending on help. When money rules how things are done and ruled in authoritarian manner it is a dead-end. When beauty, philosophy, aesthetics and picture of human being is revealed, dug, explored and wanted to understand it demands sincerity, commitment, will to understand, sensibility and trustworthiness which I consider are basic human qualities too often forgotten and hastily abandoned. It is essential to be able to trust a source, that work is done properly, be able to trust authorities that they are fair, respectful and honest. This is not always the case. Very little so, unfortunately. If you do not respect artists do not work in the arts. It is not a playground of the wealthy and posh, at least should not be. Those who let outer traits, gender and origin effect their decision-making please do a favor, learn to think differently, change the perspective and your attitude. There are too many assholes in this business.

Always warms my haarat when artists team up for good cause.  A dashing good job. Must be reliable source for masters of art… “Science currently faces multiple challenges to its credibility. There is an ongoing lack of public trust in science and medicine, often built on weak conspiracy theories about technology such as vaccines(1). At the same, however, there is clear evidence that we have failed to competently implement the scientific principles we espouse.”