2001: Age of innocence/Heart of an air hostess.

Heart of an air hostess

As heart of a waitress, but in air. As a take-off, landing, a journey anywhere, like an ad. Heart of a passenger with a mission of moving ahead going somewhere and coming back, a plan to leave. An experience, something that is more fun, enjoyable, would be enjoyable to remember. It is a beat, a calling, a seduction, a vacation, a job, moving of a body and mind. It takes a lot to make that beating of a heart as it continues, on and on, and why the muscle hits with the rhythm of the same, with pace of similar but individual. We recognize it and think we know it. Beat of choosing, pushing the button of a destination on computer screen. Palm trees and going there, arriving there, exploring it there, learning it. Having a good time there.

Heart as warmth, a symbol of love and strength, a warm bloody gushy sounding organ inside her makes you vomit, it is so profoundly familiar and too close, kindness and hospitality, a smile on her and the blood. For passengers to ask for help, to place trust upon as you paid for it, someone to count on to bring a blanket. Moving on with a cart with drinks and snacks. Sitting down to rest her feet. Hearts of many air hostesses moving back and forth on passages in the air to take care of passengers.