Say Bambi and u will melt hearts.


I have wondered for a long time about how with cute adorable things horrible truths and ugliness people make are kept hidden, underestimated and normalised. How something like fine art keeps telling people how wonderful and good its message is when the business truly is anything but wonderful and good. I personally can not find anything good about the ongoing way of contemporary art making grand illusions and telling people outside what is interesting and worthwhile to look at, how to think, how to see and to be in awe is the way to be and what moves us is the size.

Art commenting issues of the world like people there up were prophets who know what is good and how things should be done without them ever being wrong or admitting doing something wrong in repeat. Art is given such a position as an institution that it cannot be critiqued without being rude, without sounding bitter and envious. It is truly bizarre how well a corrupted system has taken over the position of absolute righteousness and possessing the knowledge of what is absolutely good and beautiful. A bubble where there is only absolutely wrong and absolutely right, in or out, seen or not being seen, being given voice or taken it away.

It looks that to truly know what goes on is not relevant but stay blind to ways of making is part of the deal because it is more fun and fun is what sells and is what most people seek/are interested in. Nothing wrong with that as such but when surface becomes the most important thing it is really problematic and we are not even supposed to argue that there would be a huge pile of problems, not the least intellectual ones and intellectual art claims to be which again is something one seriously should argue. When for example my art is seen through what I look like, when my appearance and origin tell people about what I do and think more than what I have to say, it is a perplexing paranoid situation of looking my work via my body and again a repetition of a pattern seen many times on. Sexism and misogyny faced and existing strongly without people noticing anything wrong with that picture, how stupid is that. Yes we are interested in feminism but we do not practice it in real life is the message. It is cute when women paint cute stuff, we can smile and feel happy about it.