Trying to understand the concept of living to the fullest.

gouache, 76*56cm, 2023

Trying to understand concept of living to the fullest

Had a dream in which I was in a place I had been in a dream before. It was remembering a dream in a dream. I wanted to find a paint that would paint a room in similar blue to simulate a deep ocean. Such paint was hugely expensive and demanded a lot of pigment. I visited a paint store that sold the only one that paint and wanted to see this valuable stuff though I could not afford it. The store was also painted in blue. There was nothing else but the painter, the paint mixer in the middle of that blue room, two saleswomen smiling and they asked if I wanted to buy something: I just came to ask for the price of the miraculous substance. There was also a large garden that I had only seen flying low over, garden with naturally round trees and lilac flowers. I was in awe. Plane made on oldish propeller sound. Strange visiting places in dreams that you have only visited before in dreams that only exist in dreams.