Impenetrable secret, what a lie.

Please remain seated, please remain silent. Please button up the black dress, a respectable quiet nod. Requested in my emotional every moment, so little is revealed. I cannot. His face of answers and accusations, warnings between every hair of his dark beard. Destroy the evidence in the past. Broke a barrier, I thought had dissolved itself. Lightly given generally optimistic bulletin. His echo repeated the same. His absolute cannot be disturbed. The effort of rising a demanding bank has worn me out and I am not half way the pile of corpses. The ones who really do not speak are those who are alive.

Shutting down, shutting up, shutting off, shutting in, shutting closing. Indecent openness must be heard, a threat to reveal us all, the root of ours. So, it does not exist as we do not say it?

Disbelief towards such fate. Unapproved, unsolved, unwanted, cannot be done. I refuse.