Accomplished, so can we move on and in time forget?

Accomplished, so we can move on and in time forget?

Sacrifice of one life, he felt he had nothing to lose and much to gain, he had much love for the living and life. He felt thankful. I think he was sincere. Cruel cruelty, to look over, to pass by as you never knew but, raising to but, my glass to the word. We should live not hide in corners, frightened by the news, by threats, turmoil described as weather as form in nature where one cannot see inside like dark forest or cave, despondent, melancholy, call it sadness, sorrowful cry, woe, will to live, will, will to whistle selfless. When will a person become without self? Person and ego will fade, to see the process. He isn’t himself anymore. To be looked at as vulnerability. Potential affects added emotional vocabulary so recent, ranging from misplaced judgment, subtle to severe, but ah, to hail and damaging targets of national importance. To put in place emotional mapping with teip. Tools, no ways of good and a frame worked to unable government to make decisions over the increasing militarization of the internet, possibly aggressive. Despair, a feeling and lack, vital urge fulfilled, hunger and horror put together. Needless, powerless, not wanted, there is something repulsive, foul, nasty, criminal and insane. There are different levels of hopelessness, despair as some lowest point on emotional map. Despair when person doesn’t understand that one has power and at least one choice be capable of, find the things one is capable of, how does that happen. What is needed that someone realizes opportunities and chances in a situation when there are none seen or close by? Encouragement, example, teacher, text, kind words by someone keep us going.