North Country (1/10) Movie CLIP – Take it Like a Man (2005) HD “ “It was demeaning and degrading. [They acted like] the only reason I was there was to sleep with everyone.” She says she observed an on-duty terminal manager at Riverside who appeared to overhear sexual remarks directed at her but ignored them.” …”The trucking industry’s attitude toward women is antiquated, she says. “A woman entering trucking doesn’t have anyone looking out for them. Some people may say that they want to help, but the guys stick together.””

To take it like a man can mean that you have mental strength to face anything that comes to you be that bullying, harassment, rape, any act of violence and mental abuse. It also means to be able to have friends/buddies/allies who take care of you, who stand behind you and defend you, who understand and back your cause. That group sticks together and the one who stands alone against will stay alone unless there is legal help who is unbiased and neutral. It is one kind of show of power where justice is found within the group, with the help of the group, justice which is invention of their own and serves interests of the special group.