Where is art when it is not seen? Artless world.

The gap in between worlds is enormous. Barriers between classes, interests, where importance lies widen the gap where even though we speak the same language in practice we do not understand each other. That is normal and it is normal to explain something which is completely self-evident and everyday to me to someone who still does not understand because worldview is stuck and non-movable. To believe one’s own bullshit comes out of belief that one is absolutely correct and has a right to believe in illusions. That that other one knows nothing, is nothing, is below for many irrational reasons. My choices and reality is incomprehensible to someone who sees only the surface of it and is not interested in seeing it deeper, does not want to know that there are more to things than what one sees. This is one important aspect and teaching in art. There are more to people and things than meets the eye. Still even people who work in art are fixed with a very thin way of looking which is astounding always again and again. Still there are those who make conclusions and assumptions because they think they know better, they know more. Learn this you never know enough to make judgments of someone, especially if you have only heard a rumor or seen her. Believe me, I do not have to say anything for the train to begin. Interesting is how similar stereotyping is no matter where one goes, how deep misogyny and hatred run.

Art is at the moment for those who look for it. You can live without any contact with art, without having to think art, see art (fine art especially). But art is everywhere we just like to label art and nonart. I have been wondering why this is although art is the very bread. It is hard work to think and that is what people like to avoid, so to avoid art is part of this pleasure of not bothering, not interested in, does not concern me- thinking. Does art have to be recognized as art and be valued as a piece for it to be art? The more segregated and monetized business art is the more it is viewed as valuable or not valuable, more separated go see wonder. Is it something which could be avoided? Yes but the need to make money and be great is bigger.


David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants by Malcolm Gladwell – review