To place feminist critique upon feminism itself is very appropriate and needed. How to do it is another matter.

The bashing of contemporary feminism gets nowadays an unchangeable tone or should I say what else is new. It is desperate yet in its despair forceful as it is surreal. For many feminism today is useless. Its points of views illogical, old-fashioned and untrue. It is to tear down institution of family, which as it is now, is a true comfort zone (see the sarcasm). Who would not want children, lawn and. According to men’s rights activists and fascists, to mention just a few, feminists hate men and boys, yes feminists are true haters, they disregard welfare of men and boys considering themselves only, feminism has no base in reality, their goals are unrealistic and disastrous and it, feminism, is an invention of hateful bitches who think they are better than, just to mention few juicy topics and ideas about feminism on Finnish social media.

When feminists start to speak they prove to all how useless and stupid the whole ideology is, they are irrational. What are these women talking about equality, rights and emancipation. All is well, or was before. Women who work for equality and for sexual rights again destroy something meaningful, solid and effort to change this godly state of ours is ruining the perfect welfare state, a nation and heritage, order of things as well as unity in our country. What unity? Country is getting more and more divided, of course, feminists are to blame. Noteworthy is how there must be a group of people to blame for all corruption and decline which would not exist and happen if there were not feminists and the left, women should stay quiet and at home. Let men do what men do without interruptions. What do men do? They are a pretty active lot. All blame falls upon those terrible feminists who destroy the good there is in tradition based patriarchal society, which can solve issues there may be in its own way, which issues are those? Immigrants, intellectuals, critics? We don’t have any issues other than unwanted people. Everything is fine, or was until feminists came. Men’s rights activists can talk about difficult psychological  problems like alcoholism, depression, mental abuse and physical violence, bullying, loneliness, unemployment without women’s rights activists meddling in. Feminism causes disturbance and brokenness. Men truly dislike being underdogs, till the end the fight is against the left. Anybody who is against male dominance is a communist which is bad. It is bad to be a communist. (Yes this is a very rational argument.)

There is a lot of nerve to blame feminists for doing the dissolving of values our country builds on when women’s rights movement has played a huge part in building this country as it is now. Home, religion and Fatherland stay solid, how else, and for some they should stay unchanged and we rooted to them no matter what. It is men who have done all the building. There must be some pussy to bang though.

To tell you that home, religion and Fatherland so far have not been all about equality, creating well-being and prosperity for all and those holy units will change whether you like it or not, they already have. I can say I come from a very sexist culture where men set the boundaries, where femininity is weakness, women aren’t rational but emotional, where gay is a swear word, men are more often listened to over everybody else, they get promoted, their authority and expertise is relied on no matter how poor it is. I have been told how I should dress, have my hair, when to get pregnant, that it is men’s world where I as a woman enter, that I will never make it as an artist, I should choose the easy way, I should not say what I think, I should not object my given role as a woman, my place, I should not think for myself, be critical and I should smile more, my body is constantly under scrutiny, so is my clothing, what I do for a living and will I make a living, to be loud is very unfeminine, so is swearing, still there are jobs that are for men only, odd is to draw porn, my intellect, professional knowledge and abilities are always suspected and undervalued, the ones I must constantly prove and still since I am so difficult and almost non-existent I must be stupid. I am a body without a mind, any demand is whining and complaining, all the wrong I do is many times bigger than when man does the same, men can do whatever because they are men, I must do many times better if I should overcome a man and show I actually can do something well. Culture that does not evolve is a dead culture.

Feminists do this and feminists say that, mostly arguments are based on assumptions, hearsay, bias and worn out repetition which seems to be the old record people are afraid to discard and through away. Need a thumb to suck? To see feminists in bad light is a default deeply rooted in misogyny which hateful look on women pushes aside issues that are important for women. Things that are important to feminists like equal opportunity to healthcare, education, possibilities to use one’s abilities and be good at what one wants, human rights, abolition of child labor, justice, right to seek justice and defend oneself, freedom of speech, possibility to live free and in peace without threat. Constant sexism is a threat, constant suspicion and ridicule are threats and deny dignity and human worth.

Feminists make everything difficult when it could be so easy. It is too easy to kill, bully and torture. What about men then? Do feminists advocate men’s rights, is feminism doing anything for men? What a question one has to answer all the time. Men have been boys. Having been able to attend day care, school, to have balanced life at home, see that mother is well and able to take care of children as well as go to work has been the very result of women’s movement and feminism. Yes women can work elsewhere than at home and aspire careers. People, women and men, have ambitions, talents, dreams, future that hopefully is full of challenging and inspiring work. Especially children, boys and girls, benefit from feminism a great deal. It gives hope that to pursue one’s goals is possible. Well-being of mothers results well-being of children. Can men’s rights movement say having done the same? It is time for a deep sigh on a good day and on a bad one to shoot every one who puts feminism to dirt just because they don’t like it. Yes it opposes to machismo attitude which has caused trauma and damage to men, women and children, which is almost impossible to escape. Macho is to lock in and keep in captive, incapable to show vulnerability. Still to like feminism sounds like liking a dog, a good dog that wags its tail when you tap its head. Criticism is welcome, for most part it just is not very constructive. To play nice is not how it works or how results have been accomplished. To dislike feminism because of multiple reasons you have invented and believe are true is kind of childish and thinking hitting is what makes it all go away, because feminism and women’s rights movement just is unpleasant, unnecessary and annoying. To hate feminists is to hate progress and human rights. Feminism is raising strong opposition and the threatening atmosphere builds up quite easily between leagues and camps. There is no unison in sight.