Importance of remembering Suffrage movement and what it has meant. “The word suffragette, however, was used to describe strictly women, the type who were disrupting local meetings and spitting on policemen, the type who were getting arrested and going on hunger strikes in prison and, in one case, taking an axe to a famous Spanish painting of Venus admiring herself in a mirror, which happened to be hanging in London’s National Gallery.”
It is an important movement for me personally as I identify with them and their cause which is a cause for all women and their children, generations to come, message so important that it lives on. I compare Femen with Suffrage movement. They are both powerful, they both make me proud and emotional, proud that such people exist. Suffragettes were and are so important it is a crying shame they haven’t been more widely applauded and are easily forgotten. This I gather is due to their gender, straight forward message, hostility towards oppressors, methods which were direct, uncompromising and fearless action without avoiding self-harm. And harmed they were, mentally and physically, to fight for women’s equal rights was so appalling an idea that at the time there were women and men who openly showed their disrespect and hate. Suffragettes were treated like criminals. The amount of influence Suffrage movement accomplished globally to achieve is something we can’t deny. It is monumental and lasting. The power women can have, the determination and will to change living conditions and unjust ruling of women out of the politics when it is lives of women and children that are used and abused without them having a say over. It is still intolerable that child labor has not been abolished, that 2/3 of the illiterate are women, that religion dictates women inferior to men turning them into sex slaves, home bound maids who have nothing else to expect or protect than be obedient and have honor which is the most prized possession. When woman loses her honor she becomes worthless and can be killed. This is what is the religion of ISIS and it is the case of online bullying, sheer misogyny where women are not capable thinking people but objects of sexual fantasies and abuse who do not have any business in entering areas and places dominated and ruled by men.
There are people who say feminism and women’s right movements do not have a job anymore, that they are old and worn out. What kind of people say that? In what kind of world do people who do not see how women are treated today live? It is good to pay attention and yes it is good to change tactics and ways of protesting when old ways do not do the wanted visible mark and make change, because there is a lot to do.