Remote to where you are standing.

Interesting dilemma of where we are and in what kind of relation our position is to our existence, what our breathing and living in a place means to us and to a place. Geography either impresses or feels like a nuisance and a turn off. A wasteland, a desert, city of millions of people, an island what kind of interest do we have to a place often is self-interest, a place that means something to us. A meaningful place has a story, history (there is not a place that would not be investigated, named, found, made to state human interest). What is a place of interest for a person is what that person wants and how life of that person connects with places. Also in art places are important. We are not without place, we cannot be without connection to a place, to places usually in plural. Art is situated, placed, set and artists are based living and working somewhere and it is mentioned to help situate the artist to a scene and mindset. What kind of impact a place has on a person, her/his work and what is thought of that person as an artist in a place and outside a place is play of imagery and imagination, system of values, something almost impossible to change. Connotations, images in mind, assumptions, dreams and knowledge true or false create an interest. It is assumed it is more interesting career-wise to have an exhibition in a certain place for certain kind of crowd to see it. Exhibition has to be written about for it to have a life. Art usually has to be experienced by people, seen and talked about, big is more visible than small but silence is scary and loud.

Size, heavy or light, and position, a place near or far where should we go and what to do there? What makes an interesting story, what makes a valuable place?

beauty of a fence