Why is body damaging? Or should the question be rather what kind of mind does not tolerate body?

Questions to be answered hopefully of what gets damaged by body, who damages what in the process of living with bodies, what is there to be protected? Something similar could be asked by why we allow the self-evident damage to be done by excessive mechanized sexualization in visual universe we inhabit? Something needs to be sold and it is going cheap. Constant intrusion of purity is an attack done by entertainment industry. When art does the same there is a scandal. What other is it about than hypocrisy, living in a new world with old virtues and vices. Where is empowerment and who has it?

Thought of the obscene body, body parts, impropriety, bodily obscenity which is linked to build and controlled civilization, concepts of shame, honor, purity, denial, evil, temptation and sin. Corpus that is indecent all the time even clothed must be punished also all the time to prove goodness and strength of mind, ability to control oneself and capability to decency. Our sexuality which is inappropriate, difficult to the very core is on display everywhere for consuming purposes and is still denied, humiliated and put to shame. Advertising and entertainment is according to creators of business talk empowering and broadening horizons, opening minds to human sexual exploration. Obscenity is in contradiction to nature and to nature in us. The more we put nature to shame and sweep it under the carpet the more problematic the issue gets. To be damaged by act of intercourse, seeing nudity, being nude, having to deal with sexuality and complexity it brings is at large a mighty part of nature within us and part of all. The difficulty to understanding this practical everyday part of life seems to be very common and around we see a very sexualized world.


As there is thought to be a bond between art and exploring human sexuality, art and the dangerous animal in us, it is strange how forcefully sex is banned in art. Such prohibitions, raising eyebrows in embarrassment tell of artists not having much power within art that public opinion and public image play an important role what kind of art can be displayed and seen in art context. There is a strong stereotype of sexually liberal artist, female and male caricature almost which has been made via art history by telling stories. Liberal, someone who is disregarding social norms, such stereotype which is an image from a dusty book than real life. Strangely I have encountered this stereotype of an artist and it is dusty. Sex and drugs and rock and roll.