Beauty of female

Beauty of being female is to experience femininity, to learn to know it as your own. Is it undisturbed and protected? Hardly. Even the most strict attempts to preserve femininity unharmed is harmful. What would there be to protect, what is the harm and against who? For some reason femininity is the disturbed, harassed, mistreated, undervalued, feared and therefore powerful. How to experience femininity can be a challenge for it is under pressure to imitate male existence to hold and obtain power to equal male authority. Subtle and fragile nature of female is what is expected of the other sex, the receiver waiting to be loved, taken as bride, accepted and wanted as obedient and kind, loving and caring. Strength of female is to question her status, to be able to either blend in denying herself and wishes of hers or be complete as a woman and stand against, say against the norms. Her strength is that she can choose. She is allowed to choose. Complete woman is a complete person who does what she expects her to do not what others expect of her. Religion, politics, people, society, only what she expects of her to be and want. That as such can be also her weakness. The all that there is to want.

To experience femininity is to be prepared to be looked at, stared at, talked about, where is the exact place of femininity, calculated, is a strange thought because it is everywhere, on level of hormones and cells, biology, undeniable there to be faced and looked at. Why does femininity have a place of particular and a set like theater, like something ready and determined from above without this plan to have a chance to be altered and turned over? Why is gender something stiff, to be scared of, panicked over screaming in need of help, childlike, unaware, difficult and therefore controlled?