Profiling a troll.

Anonymity and hiding behind fake profiles to commit verbal gimmicks and attacks which could be impossible and unreasonable without masks. The meaning and amount of deliberate malicious acts at the moment is beyond any common comprehension. Trolling is to realize emotional instability, insecurity. And what else would be fascinating to know: true reasons for trolling are for most part trivial like why people break things. That some people are deceiving treacherous individuals who do whatever to hurt, because they are hurt themselves perhaps? To pass on hurt of theirs internet is a perfect way of expressing that hurt. What could it possibly be other than personal trauma which needs to be hidden away with, but in order to feel good it has to be passed forward too. To act dishonestly and viciously as it is the view on life and to other people. To obtain advantage by creating a virtual abuse, assault, slaughter and witch hunt events for those who wish to take part as leisure activity, as fun, as profession, as sports, as hobby and entertainment, because they can, because they want for the joy of it.
Bullying is a connecting thing. It gathers a crowd who wishes to laugh at whomever. There is an opportunity, why not do whatever there is to make ill happen without possibility of getting caught. Trolling is a tragedy of integrity, tragedy of honest communication and tragedy of spreading trustworthy information. It is a tragedy of being able to trust a stranger. We are not able to trust people we do not know, if anybody. In a world where we are not 100% capable of trusting people we meet, what happens in a world like that? We learn to play. People who do not know how to play lose. Reality check.

Wondering the phenomenon of trolling and the fun of it which it obviously has as there is no stopping to it. It must play an important role for quite a lot of people in many ways. It is also unavoidable when one moves on the net, publishes there and has conversations. Social phenomenon of liars! It is an important way of self-expression for those who are not able to express freely. So I do not see it merely as bullying, but a way of letting out all there is. Maybe it goes as a whole under category of freedom of speech. What comes with freedom is responsibility, which any trustworthy person takes and accepts. Are there too many responsibilities, not enough ways of expressing and telling so one has to hide and tell? Do we wish to be children when adulthood does not add up with our desires? Freedom of trolling is with criminal irresponsibility, dimensions and thrill of escape.. Irresponsibility goes wild as much as is possible and free to go. There is no stop to trolling is part of the fun and excitement, creativity of it, expansion of the role and identity.

It is an essential part of the environment of the net. That is what gaming with identities means: a takeover, creating an environment and having a free fall without harm for oneself. It can be most liberating I’m sure. We do not know who are the armies of trolls. They are anybody. Since governments have armies of trolls already it is pretty serious business. Those who still perform identities of their own, as whom they are, are possibly becoming a minority. Those who are there to be fooled. We are afraid to be conned. We must be careful. We as persons available on the net are valuable as identities. We are targeted, manipulated, attacked, observed and spied on. Is that the new normal, fear? To me it seems to be and there are millions of people who enjoy it. It is interesting to think what internet is after all, where are we when we are there and what do we become there. Is it something else than what we are used to? most worryingly, the psychologists based their conclusion on cyber-trolling being an “Internet manifestation of everyday sadism,” rather than merely on online phenomenon.”