Case of propaganda, case of Russia.

Yes warring is bad, but it seems to be even more bad when someone else than the US does it. The US has a mandate of the good guys, whatever is good from time to time. Good enough or never enough. Good is a measurement that equals wealth possessed, connections made, business flow, business done, future prospects, media coverage, media controlled. Progress is good but nothing changes. Progress statues in high buildings. The more there are houses reaching the heights the more money flows, sights grow and development happens in concrete. That is the message of high architecture, efficiency of business, power of men standing. Advertising makes it so that the image we get of the American spirit, which is the never-ending growth, the dream is peace-loving, prosperous family focused on each other and having fun. Smiling success, it is the good times. What is life about than that.

Especially damaging is when Russia makes war. That threatens the whole world. The image we as western people under American propaganda make, European propaganda influencing us, we depending on the news, image we have of Russia and countries of the Eastern block is somewhat strange. How about Russian propaganda? It is mostly aimed at Russians themselves. They have to keep Russia together as one. What Russia does is always suspicious to us and against interests of the West. The whole world is setting bans and barriers when Russia makes wars for the reasons we can imagine only. Maybe to conquer areas and countries to grow and expand. To be Soviet Union again?. When the US makes war it is to save somebody, to set those disadvantaged slaves free, salvage the poor people under threat and defend western values, democracy and freedom. We are naive and we are so naive. We are mostly unaware and misinformed, forgetful and as before there is not much we can do. It is true Russian policy has been the same as it ever has and true intentions remain unclear for the rest of us. It is impossible to know what is going on in Ukraine and what is going to happen. What is good to do and what is bad continues to have an ongoing media battle. Evil against good make headlines. Media likes to paint the canvas of world politics with colors that are not without bias and ringtones of the old sounds are there clear as ever. What has changed eventually since the Cold War is not much.

Completely pointless wars take place. What a horrible waste they have been. War is in media open wide and one wonders the meaning of threat placed for our eyes and ears.

What is the case of Russia? A country that got its wealth stolen by the oligarchs in the nineties. That has an extensive macho culture, culture of silencing anyone who talks against the government and Putin. Privatization of state corporations and wealth, mafia and billionaires are the real threat to any nation and peace. Russia is a good example. Concentrating on the evil person Putin is a manhunt and completely useless journalism.

“We live in an age of propaganda by the ‘mainstream’ media, writes John Pilger. Inconvenient stories, truths and even entire countries are airbrushed away, while dominant narratives are parroted incessantly to bludgeon our minds in acceptance of war, injustice, austerity, all to serve the interests of our ruling classes.”

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