To actually see is difficult. It is almost impossible. It takes more than one’s eyes. It takes more than to believe one’s eyes.

O’why? There are so many hindering factors that prevent us from understanding what there is; what there truly is and can be. A good example is of course a girl and a woman who are perceived, manipulated, looked at, pointed at, guilty of their sex. Femininity as it is seen through many and all kinds of lenses and not seen as femininity could be, but as it is wanted to be, and filters filtering what is left, so the picture is often an extremely thin perspective into a human being. That is as a process unbelievable. Process of how woman gets made. Does she make herself or does she let herself be made as often happens out of fear, fear of rejection and abandonment. A truly unbelievable paper doll flickering to be crushed on a whim? Thinking the world view made by eliminating and pruning, way of excluding unwanted qualities and parts as not liked, as ugly, as whatever reason: mostly those reasons do not make sense, because they are not based on any reason that would be true, fact or knowing what is what. What is let to exist as it is and will be.
Do I have to ask do you believe me?

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