Things only human can and will do. Flaws newly defined. I’m not just saying.

Give excuses to one’s bullshit behavior is intolerable. To question everything and all is fundamentally unforgiving. To forgive ends a seek and search for better. Especially unforgiving I am to myself. Things are never good enough. That means a kind of military attitude towards human relations and doing things I think matter. I am very protective over people I care about, very unapologetic what comes to ill-treatment and direct if there is something that needs to be said. Closest thing to honesty is what I seek to be, closest thing to perfection is what I aim at. That is possibly a result of nature of unforgivable I have grown into and I do not see why I should forgive when there is no reason to. Do better!

Even though it is good to be accepting of flaws and errors done thinking we are only human, still I cannot stand the phrase. It does not justify misogyny, hate, indifference, stupidity nor ignorance. Those who are only human are exclusive, suspicious, contempt-filled, arrogant and so on stand on lowest place where only human can. They like their flaws.

Therefore I think I am better off and better than that only human phrase, only human image of an all forgiving kind and an embodiment that likes to justify mistreatment and ill behavior because it cannot be battled nor changed. I truly hope there are more people who place their standards higher and see what is actually wrong.
“Our relationship has to be built on trust, but the U.S. government hasn’t given us many reasons to build up that trust,” the Times quoted Omar Saqr, 25, the cultural center’s youth coordinator, as saying.”

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