I have been wondering

Taking care of myself is exactly it, not tolerating ill-treatment by anyone. It’s been ridiculous to notice, how strongly people hold on to a built system, even though they know it’s unjust. Why they hold on? What do they hold on to?
What is more scary than a system that is afraid to change equal? That’s the question of the day. Yes, it’s horrifying to admit being wrong. Please try. It’s the key to change, to know what you are doing wrong and learn other ways of doing things. Most surprised I am how sticky art scene is and scared of change. Shouldn’t art be the ever-changing newborn, teenager punk rocker fucker that never finds balance? Still it seeks balance, wants to stay in balance, Status Quo, do not disturb-state with dictators and celebrated stars making the World a better place? It sounds so corny that it must be art. How about creating pedagogical commercial art spaces, yes it’s a fantastic idea. Awesome! Is it the business side that makes it so..repulsive? I think it is, I’m sure that’s it… When money dictates the rules, image becomes important. What happens with the contents? Or protest? equality? quality? Do you think honesty has any place anywhere, like arts? (This is not a joke.) Yes, it is a joke. No, it isn’t funny.