Soundtrack of this so so musical:

1. Easy Tree Generator with Beautiful Hearts
2. La Maman et La Putain by George B.
3. Tango B in me
4. Oijoijoi Muchas Machos sung whisperingly by Him
5. Oye Oye Lucia! Running wild with Children of the Night
6. Where is Bela Lugosi now? i don’t care, in heaven with me
7. There! Believe it! said Michael playing with his tongue
8.  Of Course i like Madonna. I’m shallow in the best way.
9. Tampere JAZZ happening is always hip.
10. Me singing whatever comes to my mind every now and then, also talking to myself!
………….What! Are you Crazy??
11. Sounds of the sea continuously
12. Sounds of sleeping
13. Sounds of the traffic
14.  Sounds of walking
14. Anything by that beautiful Finnish Female composer. She is always in my phone.
16. Hola.
17. Yes i would do that.
18. ‘Oh Fuck’ is a drink with white rum, lemon and pineapple juice and soda or orange juice, pour ingredients how you feel.
19. O real thing, SHostakovitsh; Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk. Awesome.
20. Yes, I do love you, but you choose not to love me, so
21. Farewell song anything goes