Monster tan Miss dUMb Bum

Definition of doing, how small, how much and what. Moving. Always under surveillance, under looking-glass, cyclist passing by with a cheer and a hat, peeping non-sleeper enjoying little light through narrow slits, time when everything sounds loud. You breathe like a horn was blown and buffed to call something. Options for solitude and thoughts of all kinds, scales of absurd and trauma to your left shoulder and over, tissue damage visible cut over a cut.

Women who are dirty. Women who between their legs are dirty, they are ashamed and shamed, should be washed. Skin is dirty. Armpits smell, hair is clumpy unwashed. Weed of deep-sea traveled to the feet still smelling of that salt and water, of that depth of the unknown and scare, swoosh hoist her to look at her in the light. In the day of miss dUMb Bum scared eyes in the bright light diagnosis of the day set her.