Intrinsic value, a term in ethics

Intrinsic value, a term in ethics

It is absolute certainty of valuable existing in us and among us, undoubtedly undeniable worth and meaning. One can think it is unmeasurable, uncountable. It is not necessary to humans to acknowledge. So, to say art has absolute value, mathematical term, intrinsic value, what is it that is valuable in art? Its mere existence, it is made by someone, it is a message of what? To understand value is to grow value something, what we most value in humans and how we become to value something is through necessity, guidance and skill. Our needs bring value. What kind of needs do we have other than basic ones to stay alive?

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spheroid, or ellipsoid of revolution, is a quadric surface obtained by rotating an ellipse about one of its principal axes; in other words, an ellipsoid with two equal semi-diameters. A spheroid has circular symmetry.

If the ellipse is rotated about its major axis, the result is a prolate (elongated) spheroid, shaped like an American football or rugby ball. If the ellipse is rotated about its minor axis, the result is an oblate (flattened) spheroid, shaped like a lentil. If the generating ellipse is a circle, the result is a sphere. from Wikipedia