Do what you want and be your authentic self.

Killer, acrylic on canvas, pencil on paper, 2022

Just don’t hurt anybody, right? How much hurt there is and by whom, is what we constantly need to listen to and go through, since people hurt each other like mad and punishing for it is like a right, punishing for being hurt and hurting. Who gets hurt the most is like a competition, a drama of life. What kind of hurt do we register and pay attention to is interesting as many are hurt and discomfort even is giving anxiety, is making us feel worse. On level of feelings, things have gone berserk. Who can be hurt and how as many people do face constant harassing and bullying and to what extent do we care and should care about discomfort and pain? What does discomfort cause, what kind of discomfort are we talking about and how much can we handle, must be asked, because for example homelessness is an extreme discomfort. Are we more fragile now? Most of us, live comfortable lives materially. Threat is another matter, but we are under constant threats. Do we create our own discomfort by thinking about it, not caring about other people’s comfort and hurt and how much our own garbage can we pour on other people as constant hurt of life surfaces like an illness? There are people who we are allowed to hurt, who think against ideals. How much consideration is needed, because it is obvious, consideration isn’t the strongest feature of many. And yet, we have evolved because of discomfort.