Pop princess

Bodies online, pencil on paper, 2016

Pop princess under media microscope: how have we learned to know her? How have we learned to see her? Her famous school girl uniform, she was not a pop star but a phenomenon, without that uniform she would have been vulnerable. They are all to get her story, all those headlines published, that she is a lousy mother. Look at her, she is fat.

Is she an appropriate role model? Whether she is a virgin or not, when she sexed it up. When she cried a river, when that tide was turning she drew a line in the sand when quickly got married in Vegas, that she was just silly. Marriage was an act of rebellion in her young mind. That she believes in karma. That she was couple months pregnant and she is very happy now. She is an emotional wreck right now, but none of that is true. She is poisonous only to those who hurt her. Let’s talk about her married life, another baby on the way. Is it yours? No problem of turning her life a reality show.

Puppies or kittens? Flats or heels? On or off? Stories to sell pop princess years, hormones make her laugh hysterically and cry the next minute. His heart is awesome, she tells. He has a really big heart, she says. Do you like British men? I want you to be completely honest. We are here to connect. Baby is your creation, are you pregnant again? You just gave birth. Are you a good mom? You are single at the moment? What is a perfect guy in your mind? Are you dating right now?