The trigger wire for the bomb that had exploded earlier in the day in a place like N

Many of the men who disappeared recited verses, sand on and under, in and all over,
They never saw them again, they never heard of them again, no need to find hidden meanings in there 

Of course, some knew what was happening,
It was as if the men had vanished. blown away. it is like some people are more valuable than others. Who is to decide? Whose task it is to know?
they searched for,
had been searching for the DHM,
deep hidden meaning, to look for
fingerprints of the men with explosives
bullet-­riddled body
the orchard’s walls,
the trigger wire for the bomb that had exploded earlier 

here the shooting of a child is unremarkable for everyone
here brain stains on the wall is normal
decaying body, human jaw on the ground
after America’s 13-­year war in Afghanistan officially comes to an end. to an end.