Mother and child, a classic motif in art, as it is always an acute topic of conversation, today we rather talk about how kids get slaughtered not in war, but by their mothers by abortion.

Who is responsible for slaughtering babies? The outcry and horror of human behaviour and lack of morals there is out over and over again. Women remain mainly the ones who are and stay moralised for their behaviour and actions towards unborn children. Men who participate in fertilising mainly stand there as who done it, not me, but her, it is her choice, was her choice. Fertiliser is not to blame, but the one who carries the child, as has always been the case to this day: women take the blame, are whores in shame whether they have the kid or not, sometimes even whether they fuck or not. What a weird world we live in. The same people who condemn abortion and women slaughtering unborn babies, do not stand as firmly or at all against arms deals, warring, do not stand against expensive daycare, healthcare, housing, food costs and education, which all are partly reasons people do not have babies. Moral outcry does not include atrocities against children in war zones, they do slaughter babies constantly. Moral outcry does not help people living in poverty, experiencing homelessness, abuse etc. Abortion is such a hot cookie and it is easy to paint a picture with the thought that every human is valuable, valued, when this is not the case.

Small child is a miracle and I do hope politicians take it seriously, the every step in every child’s life, not just birthing, which in countries like the US is extremely expensive for the family. One important issue is providing quality daycare which is inexpensive that children from all kinds of backgrounds can participate in the nurturing safe collective.

Men, think before you fuck, don’t participate in slaughtering babies.