walking outside the method

Processing translations draped in living room curtains
having them as a dress around me, being of some size, I’m not myself then, now or never, what is myself, because I change
looking up to the ceiling smiling like an idiot, Beautiful! beautiful gown. Like someone else’s.
women talking, producing queer practices bringing up little ones to be not queer, sane and healthy breathingly look a bub, as long as they are extraordinary adults like no one else.
Dear Headind, there is always the future, hope, something new. Oh, look a cup.
Trigonometrics and how to proceed. I get stuck here. To get advance, advantage, knowledge, fingerprints, smudges, sandcakes, sand under soles and it is wrecking. OFF OFF, i shout. What, are you mad!
Technically felt at edge of space
having offspring with animal hearts, monkey hearts exactly put, because of no reason,
they started flying low, acoustic mammals shouting sunlight in curtains.
Perplexity on a peer around me, how did you end up there? I availed myself of the opportunity.
I continue. Not asking if I should. Not asking.
But I open my mouth.