Men have vaginas.

I believe men have vaginas and women can impregnate men. Men have uteri (man can have uterus), breasts, periods, mood swings, emotions, as we all, and need to share their emotions and thoughts. Women have penises and need to be powerful and strong pillars of society. Women are intellectually as capable as men are emotionally open. Men are able to reproduce like women, bear children, take care of them, nurture and love their children, take care of their families and of their households in a same way as women without it being an issue. In this way by having the same bodily functions and organs men can understand women and children, women can understand men. Men can place themselves into position of those who need support and love, understand those who are dependent on them as adults, parents and as companions. As men can get pregnant too, population of the world is increasing by far too fast, but as nature has made it, it is essential for creating a mental connection between the sexes, connection which is being made via bodily similarities, though I am not sure why gender differences matter in this case anymore, we are the same body. It is a whole different world where reproduction, sex, periods and all of sexuality is openly discussed and problems are immediately solved. There are no taboos and women are strong leaders. People can decide whether they have kids, families or concentrate on other things in their lives. Therefore in this case, because we fully understand each other’s needs, desires, beliefs, goals, expectations and emotions of others, world is a peaceful and equal place. It is a ready-made perfection, unity and a paradise for people who equally have menstrual circulation, for people who get pregnant as equally, who learn to share and respect life and difference from very early on.