Hypocrisy is to hide. How interesting pretence is can be argued and must be.

Hide your true self, hide your intentions, hide what it actually is you’re doing and to prevent from changing, changing yourself and how things are done. It takes something which most are not ready to go and do. The thought of losing and loss is too great, so to talk about social change is much more safe. I use the word scene instead of using the concept of art world. Art world to me resonates only size and the business which circulates wealth or doesn’t. What gets shared is interesting to think about. To define art world is like defining a construct that is eating its own tail which does not want to interact in any other way than what is possible for that beast as it is unable to think in any other way. To revolve unchanged talking about social change in fancy spaces how ‘high art’ is going to take part in social action which is making change which very though is somewhat odd.

It could be heartwarming if arts was in any way doing what it says, being transparent, reliable, other than massive tool for propaganda, producing toys, extravaganza, making impressions to fool and for fools. Yes I would like to believe those with money and power, I really would and please come and ask for taxpayers money to make social change. Why I don’t see the effect needed because corruption and false talk has made it clear that to make social change there must be a total turnover in values, in ways of doing, the concept of fine art is not to change anything but stay the same. To make art temples and sites for tourists is not in any way making social change. It is doing the opposite. Sure tourism brings in the money. To think money changes everything is thinking wrong in the first place. Contempt is so obvious and present I don’t know what other social change would mean than on very personal level to examine one’s behaviour, falsehood, hypocrisy, why one does what one does: what are the true motives of making and doing anything. To take offence is so normal.

One problem is the need for money, the flaunting of money, the show off of money, talk about money, that money brings value and only money. It is very destructive what comes to the environment the spectacle and valuing of the material. Art institutions like to say they work to change things. It is bizarre as very little has changed what comes to art business, position of the artist, where art is shown and what makes value in art which is the institutional presence and expertise, professionalism which also follows money. It is where artist must be shown if a traditional artistic career is what we must pursue.




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