Women who are for sexual purposes only. Who are those?

Well I would like to know. It as it seems is a repetitious assumption which I and people who identify as women and girls face nonstop. Sexuality which is there a thought and taken for granted, sex appeal of a gender which should be covered not toyed with but still playing for sex is my part and I should enjoy this attention and idiocy, simplistic idea of what woman is for, that women are for other people’s enjoyment firstly, to be taken and done for, done whatever to. So what is it all about as I see myself as a very versatile and complex human being, I am being put into a very small space with no air and I should put myself into such airless mode, role and like it. Think it, act it, play along because that is allowed to do. It is allowed to be a sex object but not to objectify oneself as art, for art and expose the process of a tradition of being a woman.
I have watched since childhood men treat women like second class citizens who are under rule and do not have a say over it. This should be a free world but strangely freedom is for specific type of people, freedom to abuse, mistreat, minimize and abandon, freedom to think women and children are less intelligent and capable. Even though it is over and over again proven to be untrue and in many ways a harmful way to see humans socially, politically and culturally, to use power putting vulnerable ones down is a rule. Sexism and sadism do not make society flourish. They make a violent and unsafe environment where women have to be afraid to speak up and do against. Girls learn to do what girls are expected to do and be like. Those who do differently are whores. Yes girls can be girly up to a point, they can do things up to a point. Boys are allowed to go further naturally. There is no whore stigma on them.
It is clear women are despite all policing and expectations judged very harshly. It is no wonder we judge and minimize ourselves and other women. This of I am a living proof. Negative feelings tend to take the better of all people. They are easily spread, difficult to beat and tackle with especially if there is competition. Women are seen weak in this regard: they are not able to control this emotional side. Well neither are men. It is just more normal for them to be hateful as there is more justification for them to be hating and angry. It is manly to be harsh. Women showing their angry side is still some tabu. I notice this when I speak loud or angrily, it freaks out and I am unwomanly. It is culturally interesting to break such silence and convenience where it seems playing nice does not get much done.