Nothing is meaningless.

When one begins to think that everything has meaning, every action, every thought and everything said, we begin to become cautions over what we do. Thing appear complicated and are so more than we like. Overcomplicated life and people which we like to oversimplify. What else is there other than endless mess which we don’t want to have, see, clean up, take responsibility for. A police officer in John Adams’ musical piece I WAS LOOKING AT THE CEILING says in Song About The On-Site Altercation: let’s keep things calm and clean and clear. There is a quarrel. There is constant conflict. Effort to try and understand action of others and of one’s own in a messy world which has a demand to be calm, clean and clear when nothing is and probably should not be. Impossibility to understand politics of the state, actions of the police, the public, fate, needs, future and most importantly emotions of anybody and of one’s own. Strong emotional reactions like shouting, crying, wanting to use violence to solve authority issues, to solve disagreement, wrong doings that one has faced, to retaliate, get back at not to be left a loser. Work of Adams’ is like the news sung, news of what happened to individuals suddenly one day in a row of days flowing along and forward. How accurate it is today. The rabid movement of events, fast forward occurrences in people’s lives when they hurt, live and try to survive, get what they want and be what they want.