Violence is to be escaped if it cannot be controlled and abolished. What else can women and children do when gangs of men see threatening and killing an answer. What is the question? What is the question to be asked as there are no answers other than those already in the air?

Question also is should extreme violence be answered with violence, with as much as we have got to protect those who do not want violence in their and other people’s lives? How do we stop epidemic of growing and expanding gangs and thugs who take over nations after they have taken over neighborhoods and cities? Gunmen and money men who do whatever they need to do to make their views and manners of doing business the only law, make their rules the rules of an entire country because administrators and politicians are corrupt. Nations full of people who have to serve criminals because there is no other choice, criminals who do not stop not even when they are stopped. There is always another one, other one to do the job that was stopped for a moment. Adding to the picture other nations around who have severely contributed to this lunacy along many decades and now refusing to accept immigrants and refugees from countries that clearly do not either want or are not capable of solving crises which last year after year. When there is no culture of democracy to begin with where do we begin? From the alphabet, from the very simple equations that make sense. Infrastructure to making a democratic safe state begins with basic things which are made indestructible, accessible and free. Grassroot first priority must be that there are clear rules which all obey. What is accepted and what is not to understand that there is a nation which needs and wants to make progress. Culture of fast fortune making and taking that fortune with force is too tempting when alternatives are scarce, and obviously punishments do not play any threat in a country where living fast is an ideal.
Clearly violence cannot be answered with violence, clearly, but aggression and death are languages that people speak and breath, straightforward monotonic order of arms, dealers and men. Yes, it is sadly the tongue of men and boys growing to be men since they have to become men who are fearless, merciless, greedy, childish in their needs, fulfilling their needs endlessly thinking that their manhood is majestic absolutely good and it has to be stated with certain kind of masculinity, marks of masculine power, vain bling. Culture of masculine, of macho is one serious threat to stability, health, security, progress, becoming and learning. For a true macho man it is impossible to honor women and children as thinking capable individuals who can have lives of their own, who can also become equal or even superior. Honor is in being a strong independent man who solves problems with silencing, threatening, killing, oppressing, enslaving etc. It is in traditions, religion, family, gender roles, upbringing, schooling, work, a division and putting the man on pedestal because of his gender, because of his role as a penetrating hero who masters his game of power. He is intoxicated by his manly odor and status to whom whores and Madonnas are very separate issues but all the same exploited. What/who is your leader in a free world where bossy men bully being unable of finding any other way to act? When men cannot change how they interact and make the world what hope there is? Actions of macho men are hopeless, totally doomed.

“At the end of July, the OCNF declared a gender violence watch for Mexico State, in which 840 women were murdered between 2010 and 2013 and 1,258 women were found to have disappeared between 2011 and 2012; over half were between the ages of 10 and 17. And though the laws are tough in an effort to combat femicide in the country, the murders are not often investigated as such, a roundabout reflection of the systemic misogyny that creates such astonishing numbers of dead and disappeared.”

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