How to respect, what is respect?

Does the word respect have a clang of old-school and stiffness about it in a way that there is something that needs to be changed how we see what it is to respect someone? There is respect in manners and paying attention to how we treat each other, take others into consideration, but that is not all what comes to respect. When I often call out for respect for women it is not a call for manners and opening doors or bowing your heads towards me, taking your hat off when passing by. Respect is entirely something else, which many times seems to be absent in the meaning I am after. Is respect something we earn and is given when we deserve it? Is respect presence, present when we are, not to think there is something better elsewhere, but something interesting is here where you are at? To me respect is exactly the acknowledging the importance of something and someone in that place. Acknowledging is not a trophy or a prize, it is noticing and wanting to know. It is paying attention instead of seeking something that is a higher far away goal. The better than attitude is so common I have become to loath it and places where such attitude for some reason is winning.
Respect is finding the same level and enjoying that level, exploring and getting to know it. Yes one can be ambitious and aim high. There are wrong ways and right ways to get there. Wrong way is the way of deceit and thinking about the prize.

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