Ideology of it is more important how things look than what they are.

You pay attention to address of my website more than to the contents. You pay attention to the ways of presentation than what is being said and believe you are precisely on the right making a valid point when you think by making an astounding look and following rules of presenting oneself that prevail today are for everyone, are there to be followed by everyone to make it, to make a certain impression. Paying attention to visuals, to outer theater and the shell rather than what is the message about is what happens all around, noticing booms and bubbles would be essential to do instead. The ideology of not listening and not being interested in anything other than making an impression with surface is what is happening and obviously wanted, posing and stature. To make an impression of looking good is a strange and short-lived one. That is marketing, selling, a monoculture wanting all to perform the same in continuum to have the same fascist impact of ‘excellence’ everywhere which is as well-defined and accurate as banking, programming, technology, any business-oriented culture there is. Business culture has penetrated art, business of selling art, making money with art and penetrated making of art expecting artists to present themselves as accurately as merchants. That is a big problem since art is not an exact one truth field nor only a money-making machinery where dictating style and contents would do something interesting and long-lasting.

If people in business and art schools do not understand the relation between surface and insides, that something is missing, when importance is on the size and grandiose, gender and origin, who you know and who knows you. If comparing what is said to how things are told does not ring any bells, is not strikingly , ways we are being led is more like brainwash because alternatives are not allowed.