When you reject obscure and strange you reject utopia.

To think and imagine utopias is essential to creation, to dreaming, essential to change, to revolution, to democracy, equality, to everything that can be seen as aspects of diverse life and making progress. Progress on the other hand is what people do if they are let freely to create and imagine and progress of man is what is seen as positive part of people’s lives and an evolving society. Progress usually brings prosperity, that is at least the idea of progress. Utopia is part of diversity, evolution and art. In this sense it is sheer idiocy to reject weirdness, oddities and be afraid of new forms of creating, be afraid failure and ridicule. To me the whole of art has become more and more afraid of all kinds of cunts and dicks, suffocating making of art, suffocating creativity and joy of making art. True professionals do not dictate art or what is art, what artist is like, what artist looks like and what artist should do. Making business has become more important than what art itself could achieve. Money has become important value indicator in art. Value is directly seen as monetary issue. This narrows dramatically the scene of art, what is art and what is the meaning of art for people and society. When glory and fame, glitter and grandiose are the ruling elements in the art scene marginal is loathed, kept poor and silenced into invisibility. Marginal is made small and insignificant. This is ironic since it is the marginal that is vital to any art to reinvent itself. When you clean up too much you end up whipping and wiping away the error, stench, dirt, filth, laughter, sex, sadism, criminal, joy, crack, desire, unknown, possibility of finding, unthinkable, strange ideas, ugly, shame, fear, all that humans can do wrong and do all over again wrong, inability, disability, insecurity and so on. If these are not what you want art to be, maybe art is not your thing, even if you think it is your thing and a plug inside your arse, do not expect others to do your way.