How to learn to think differently? There is much reason to consider that things could be done in a more creative and better way.

I’m holding the thought that our emotions mold the world. They mold my brain, my body, my surroundings, my emotions end up molding someone else, everything in the end. This is of course not a new thought and it is common sense, knowledge of human behavior, reaction that makes action. Still we pay quite little thought on the matter of what we give emotion-wise, because we can be impulsive, thoughtless, selfish, arrogant, ignorant, indifferent, endlessly stupid and all that normalcy.

What we put in to it grows, lives and makes the reality, maybe unexpectedly, maybe the result is what we wanted. If cruel and violent world is what we want I have to wonder what humanity is all about. Negativity tends to expand massively whereas positive output can stay unnoticed, ignored, stay uninteresting facing cynicism and a wall. A wall of what? Why do we make walls instead of something that could flourish beyond imagination? What kind of positiveness reaches in the best possible way in a world of walls?

All the hate, suspicion and bitterness, envy, loath and contempt that is put in use in a manner of unbelievable to change the world all the time. World must be our image. If this was done as opposite, that those emotions were used for good, how would all of our existence change? Negative is the state of the world now. The World is changing all right. How much of this change is actually good one can consider beneficial and be happy about: yes some of it. We need criticism which can exploit the negative in an intelligent way. The change for good of all people is almost impossible to achieve, right? There are many impossible things that have become true and keep on coming true. If all that negative energy we like to linger in was put in use in a new way, in a way that we would learn to see behind our feelings and what they do, it would be a new beginning. That would mean serious self-search. It is the most difficult part of being human, to face your shit and try to change the patterns of thinking. Also whose best we wish to accomplish and see.

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