Let’s talk about what is fun and what is not.

I step on you. I step on the whoever I like and don’t like to make sure my right is the reigning way. What is that? Who does that? It sounds so familiar. It sounds so everyday behavior. Still it gives me the creeps, sadism of people and how we see it justified. How to choose what is right is a basic question of being a human. How do we get to the point of doing right, choosing right? What I do has an effect, no matter what I do, so I might as well do what I feel as is the right thing. I feel what is the right thing. We as people have some kind of knowledge over what is correct, still it can be the most difficult thing to do. When all I do is wrong in the eyes of the society I happen to live in, what to do then? There must be something wrong with me, how else… But that cannot be.

But we have all these feelings. How do we know if they are right?

Approving abuse and torture, but not nipples? Hello America. I know you guys are fucked up, but wtf. Oh yes I get it: making the rest of the world as fucked up as you are. Sounds as if someone was defining fun that we all should be having. Fun is overrated. I’m not liking your fun.