All the different ways of saying there are and different ways of not saying anything, still the message is very clear.

Tendency of hunting down collectively those who have put themselves at risk for what they believe in is the dynamics of human relations. A very grim way of seeing Humanity as hunters only. We are for and against. (Is it so, that they believe in what they do?) Knowingly jumping in and dancing alone in front of a crowd to represent idea of giving oneself totally like in constant need of self-defense but still brave, afraid and there is no other way. Wanting acceptance (by not doing anything hugely out of the box, thinking) and finding justification for being alone, taking chances, for doing the act of performing, for doing what needs to be done and what one can do.

To judge is a right used so carelessly (it is to empower) and freely as that was the only kind of freedom (freedom of opinion and telling it) one should be able to use and have in finding necessary place and maybe question the existing hierarchy (but one has to step out of the given borders, one should). To use power over someone because it is possible and accepted in a certain way, because that way by tormenting we glorify ourselves as rightful, having right via power and by violating. Who is tormenting who one might ask? As it was a self-evident law of nature for people to have power to conduct, read and teach, and of course it is. Something that is the collective good, to be like-minded, to have something we agree on and is good for everybody. It is the strangest thing how we happen, it happens, what happens to us, how thoughts run and become actions.

Back to the blond celebrity who shaved her head in front of millions of people and insanity of this act. Who finds it insane? What is the insanity there is that we are watching. Insanity of finding a very everyday act suddenly interesting and more interestingly, mad. That it is out-of-order for a woman to shave her head, that it is a sign of losing it to cry in public. Nobody questions media nor those who wish to see this paraded and diagnosed as mental illness.

Those who stand for us as celebrities have a contract with us. Us who view them with all kinds of emotions and thoughts, that they are there to pose for us, they are there for us to own and admire, for us to reflect our desires not our illnesses. We do not want to see ourselves. We want to see a dream which is happy, victorious and eternally youthful without the problems that might be similar to ours. Pop stardom that is glued on a pretty girl cannot be changed. That image must stay as it is. We must not know all, only little pieces for us to put together a fabrication. It is a fixed plan. It cannot be changed or it will be ruined. The point of celebrity culture states clearly we do not tolerate change, mood swings, emotions we have ourselves nor anything extra we didn’t purchase. We want our money back if the image burns. Punk and art are too much to take, to understand. We have to understand what we see, set pieces of complete. Components set should be simple and sweet for us to buy and accept. To buy her narrow feminine perfection without her true mind, without a mind. Why is that safe and why is it given over and over again?


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