Defining evil is what we must do in order to

Evil is original. It is plain and everyday. We like to deny it. It is a natural hunt and kill. It is to eat and to be eaten nonstop. It is competition and survival. Evil is what we fear. It is fear of being caught, exposed, forgotten, enslaved, fear of disappearance, of not finding meaning and love. Hate is evil, hate is our most cherished weapons. Hate is our strength. To be able to hate is to find a side. Evil as a being able to possess us, take our souls, own our spirits and in that way guide us. Evil manipulates, destroys, knows no loyalty, no respect, no love, compassion, forgiveness nor kindness. Evil is what we cannot be in order to be part of functioning society, in order to be parts of the good that is known. To hate evil is accepted and that hate is accepted to show. Decency of hate is where everyday evil lives. Justifying decency of hate, justified decency, justified anger. It is good to know what to fear and what to hate. It is good that we are known as we create ourselves to be known. Things we are afraid to do and be because our desires must not guide us. Desires are evil, knowledge is also evil. Still destruction is inevitable, despite all the rules. Still evil is what we go for, live for and want to taste, present as us and stand for. We are still living in an evil world creating it.
Evil is something not possible to  remove because it is in us. It is not separate from us therefore we need punishment and rules, following of the rules, faith in the rules. In order to place ourselves into position of righteous people we must know what is evil and how to control it. Knowing who are evil is important, because it is not me, it is not us. It is them who cannot control themselves. This could be seen as ordinary mainstream view and relationship to evil that traditionally is passed forward. It is outside and far away. We are numbed by evil still horrified, us reaching out for good, sunny salvation. We the desperate who cannot help ourselves, in need of help, acceptance and love. Evil is reaching out for us nevertheless. Evil is also something empowering and can be justified, it can be defended, we must defend ourselves. Evil can be an adored quality in a person who shows his/her bad side with no shame without hurt. That person placing herself/himself as in control of holding both good and bad playfully stating human dichotomy and contradiction. Revealing the public in public revealing herself/himself. Stating our constant battle, our fear.
Evil is malaise, corrupt, sinister, our eyes closed, nothing done, nothing that can be done. It is someone purely bad to the bone to be pushed away, someone that cannot be cured. Person realizing one’s basic instinct disregarding instructions of what is considered as sensible behavior. She the sex the irrational, insane, fallen female, tormented. Someone following his/her animal instincts, the predatory nature of his/hers. Something that cannot be helped, instinct, act and character that should be escaped, demolished and shut out, silenced. We should be able to protect ourselves from evil, from temptations, from the unknown that could hurt and take us into abyss of contempt. Into hole of un- and, non-, disrespected sub-humanity.
Evil is a thought, a deed, series of deeds, continuous body of evil deeds. Human body is evil. It desires, falls, decays, dies, is erotic, is sexual. It has to be punished, because it wants, to which mind is attached. Body is secondary animal under control of humanity, nature and divinity. Evil must be bound as must body be closed, covered, hid, tortured, kept, figured, molded. It is never good enough. It is never pure. Body that is difficult to control is imperfect. Control and work make perfection, a way to perfected and primal. Body is mortal, lustful, sinful. Body distracts our minds, our faith in good, body fails. Body leads us to uncontrollable bad, ecstasy, joy, intercourse, shame and sex. Evil has all the control as it grows. Evil does not control its need to do whatever it desires. Evil is a personification, a someone, a killer, abuser, tempter, seducer, a criminal. A prostitute is working evil, a willing abuse, sell off. Working for evil because she/he cannot escape the dream of being desired, using one’s body to survive via sex. Giving power to the evil distracting and luring, looking for customers.
To know wrong and right is dynamics of belonging to a group and finding a hierarchy, distinction between good and bad, finding identity and way in life. Solidity, collectivity, a collective working mind, agreeable same mind. Sometimes bad is accepted if it results good. It is knowing the rules, breaking them knowingly. Right and wrong, right and left, opposites to be able to play the game of civilization that punishes for bad and encourages good behavior, good for society’s need. Good is to fill in the need for good, what good is, the filling goodness fills, makes better and heals. To know and believe in the given rules, to behave, act upon them, to please, be able to punish those who break the rules, legislation, written and unwritten. Strictness and discipline finding justice and peace. To make distinction in between even though equality is what we seek, hold on to, to be able to see what is good and not, be able to forgive, let go, not hold against, make redemption happen meaning life is not black and white. That we are not the only legislators in the universe. That to be human is profoundly and basically good if we wish and yet impossible. We do not have the ultimate power over anyone, over life of anyone not even over lives of ours.
Even if it was me, my bad which is almost good compared to yours. It should not be too difficult to define and know what is evil. Evil is lurking, breathing, living and doing it’s thing all the time. We like to paint black the unfaithful, the ungodly, those who are born bad with hint of evil between their legs. A whispering beast in the dark we don’t want to meet, see, touch nor listen. We don’t want to believe in evil. To believe it exists or what the animal is saying, how it manifests itself, because it is as an entity around us. We, as us choose it to be, choose us to be. We either possess bad qualities, fight them, struggle and know evil due to what we believe in and want to be, what we have seen, have learned, have witnessed to know, what we run from. Evil is what we choose not to do and say… We choose to stay on the side of light, good, good the accepted truth, honest side of not harming nor hurting. Evil is how we choose not to treat each other. Evil is in how we perceive our meaning, meaning of humanity, what we are suppose to do in this life we are given, life we accept and call ours. Evil is up to us. We know it is wrong to take a life. Murder is the most heaviest of sins, so I don’t understand why anything justifies murder. Sin as a concept and a hammering hand is biblical moral code strongly in use in politics. Biblical evil the horrendous we are soaked in. Away, away, hide away from it in denial.