Minding our minds and why we keep ignoring the most important

We like to pay attention to intellect without much actual fact-based knowledge of it. We assume we know it. As we assume we know ourselves. We think we know how we work, how mind works and what it does. Our brain is somehow in search of all the time, we push it over the top. We should be in search of our brain and what it can do all the time. We have got it but we don’t know. We think we have it under control and that we have that other one’s brain covered, looked, searched and finished. It is a lazy way of seeing that we are finished at first glance, at any point judged and through.

That arrogance is one big problem. That glued on sticker of smart on things and people who have not got much to do with smart. We assume smart is a one way street and we like the word; movement sensing doors and hand dryers, that it is what we see fast and forward. That smart is everything made look easy and to know how things work on the outside. That smart is not having the need to think about it. Smart being something that glides in front of us, we on something gliding in the same direction effortlessly. There is a saying that those who do a lot of work, those who go the hard way are stupider than those who get to go easy, those who understand to take the easy way. Wise man gets it easier.

In a way sure to solve problems quickly and manage with less work the same result can be said is smart depending on the result and where we are heading, what is our goal. Is that what we are getting and doing now, smart, as our lives are said to be made easy with SOME, machines, constant know-how and research results published, hi-tech and planning? Things improve as should we. What is our plan as human race? If I listen to the news it is constant economic growth.

I think we in our intellect religion have not found our minds. Psyche, emotions and the diversity of intellect is yet to be discovered and more importantly acknowledged. To me we are showing symptoms of hiding exactly those things under glass, steel and concrete, silence and constant happy smileys.

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