It is interesting to draw pictures of women focusing the lens on what has changed in couple of hundred years and how rights and position of women globally has progressed.

Other than stay horrified one must act, still. What are we up against is colossal force of misogyny, dusty moralist conservatives, true men and women of faith and righteousness, religious fools who find their right more right than any others’. In Finland parliament voted against gay marriage this spring. I wonder what would they vote for in case of legalizing prostitution or brothels. They can hardly speak of it. Thought of paid sex is an abomination in Finland. Worldwide abomination against sex leading our behavior. We must take care of our morals don’t we. Right now morals is in the gutter, in deep hole of righteousness as ever and blaming circles go round in media and in minds who has done what. Who threw the bombs first, who has done what, who has not done much. Quit your apathy, ignorance, denial and break out of that cell of your mind.

Can you tell me what is the meaning of meaning.
How do negative attitudes towards sexuality get made? Or what is right thing to do.

Sorry Joan your face is so tight it probably is not safe for you to speak at all.