Oil company silently poisoning indigenous people for decades with government permission in Peru.


Unreported World – Peru Blood and Oil

It has taken this long for government of Peru to start awareness and worry over environment in rainforest area. Though they have not been worried over health of indians living in the area where oil is being drilled. People who began to die mysteriously. Clearly corrupt justice system and unjust laws do not exist to protect ordinary poor people, but large crooked companies like Pluspetrol and the wealthy. Situation has been and remains the same and critical. Same old story continues as indigenous Peoples are oppressed and abused and do not profit from exploitation of natural resources. They remain exploited and killed. Weak governments help and support large companies to thrive for few to prosper. It is hard to believe Peru’s government of not having enough information about the situation. Indigenous people have been fighting against being poisoned by ill capitalist bastards for years.

“We know that there has been bad environmental behaviour by the company in the past because there were no regulations but also in the present because it’s not acting responsibly and it’s not giving the correct information about what’s happening in the zone,” Peru’s environment minister Manuel Pulgar-Vidal said of Pluspetrol to local media. http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2013/mar/26/peru-declares-environmental-emergency-rainforest