Interesting is how the pictures taken reflect the person who takes them and to what extent are they images purely of that person, about her.

It is a bothering thing. I object the thought of constant self-portraying what comes to images produced as an artist. Pictures and texts are products with framing, analytical or not, telling something of the world around. My pictures and texts can of course be seen in certain frame of personal view to my life, disturbingly strongly. Photography is a case if timing and instant observation for me. It is not planned activity, in my case. So how much can my images be portraits of the taker is a question I wonder. It is also a very often faced a sort of accusation what comes to making art and presenting it that it is therapy and reflections of a troubled mind. So there is always some kind of mental state and problem going on, in a process.

I do reflect myself, how else, and very sensitive issues, but not my pathology or illness of any kind. Troubled world is what I see and that is where I live. I want to solve it and it is a puzzle indeed. Do not make simple judgments not with my pictures, with me or with anything. Simplicity hardly ever gives the right answer as we are so very complex.

If you are bothered by something do not hesitate to ask. I will gladly answer your questions.