A question time again.
Why there still is such naivety about expressing sexuality which stereotypes reveal and why am I bothered by this? Naivety that brings out immature brutality. Why those who put sex in front rely on naive lust and fantasy and call it liberation? Woman crawling on a beach like a horny animal means she is free? What is she portraying is a famed woman on her way to her husband saying she has been drinking and thinking. Some kind of everyday imagery which I can like or dislike. Anything other than the ordinary is not there.

To create monetary value of this magnitude we have to define perfection, frame it, follow idea of simplicity stereotyping characters. Perfecting money-making machinery. What do we want and how do we want it is what we need to know to get it. Define sexy, sexy defining everything as wealth and possession. That is what we need to be, in charge and owning. We have to define the body, measures to get it for ourselves. Stardom is all about the journey and how it is made, a trick of posing, trick of luring and possessing Beating and eating one’s opponents and to become imitated and imitate. Is there place for truth in this competition and what is good? How about virtue? Not to worry, virtues are well represented on the tough field of music industry. The thing is how to define them, how to monetize everything and that is the biggest virtue of all, other is secondary unless it serves becoming rich. There is truth. It is truth of theirs who make the contents.

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