sovereignty in the cloud

Fighting giving meaning in us, for us to structure the world and make it maybe simpler, maybe better. Fights making us and making us do good and bad. To write about good and evil, it is clear to me that I stand on the side of good. Why is that so clear? Does my origin, ideas, gender, age, skin color, profession(s), art, deeds, tell how good a person I am? What deeds, characteristics tell my quality of goodness or evilness? That is what I think now, because I’m not so sure. What is good and just, it is that I have chosen to realize and do as I see fit and they serve me, my idea of good for me. Do I take rest of the world into consideration in my goodness? To choose and accomplish, it is a question of self and losing self, to not make only what your self desires, not only letting your need want you to want. Decide what is good. Tastes good, makes you feel good. Is my body that decides since I must eat, sleep and drink? It decides much for me as do my feelings. My feelings and sentiments, gut tell me which paths to follow. It tells me something about good, what might be good.