Yes, it is a question of self-esteem, values in life and where do you come from.

Out of all experiences I have had working class culture has made me think what is creativity in working class context? How do working class people create and what it means to create? As for many welders welding is an art. And I agree. It is a beautiful work and skill. It is creation made possible at work and through that it is possible to understand one’s own creativity and skill. For people in that particular industry cars are an important way of self-expression. They are well taken care of and talked about subject. Man is his car. When a new guy appears at work his car is firstly checked out. It can be brutal, because man’s personality and character depends on his wheels. How about those who take the bus?  Take a guess.

With the thinking of what is working class goes also what it does not want to be.  It cuts itself out of many possibly fruitful things it thinks are not for it. Laborers like to place the blame of misfortunes on others and stick in their own comfortable circles. This I have experienced myself several times. Funnily same goes for the Arts. It is also curious how people like to find mistakes and errors in others instead of searching themselves. Yes, a working class hero exists, and an art hero exists, but from my point of view they are posing shells, nothing else.