Oh it’s Gladio the Ice-Cream man with lickable m

Music accused of ruining youth, but they are running down the stairs making heck of a noise of some wild herd running that should be outside running. Feet hitting the stairs with sneakers, high heels, cowboy boots, rubber boots, sandals, party shoes, furry winter boots showing toes hitting the stairs like injury in their minds, falling down about to happen. Running, moving their feet like they were going to fall off, some kind of dance that makes music of its own. Make me go crazy, you, without a care. Making the sound that you do. Make me lose my mind, do it! Yes, it is a weight of worry barely keeping balance.
Don’t stop that noise. I cannot take it; but please continue the monstrous whirl. I want to be in it. Or the screaming. And scream myself, because I’m unable to move myself.
Run faster, the stairs end at some point, and you come to the door and sun light on grass.
Let’s go through with this, in clean up
I can feel your power, I love to say perverted, shout it over those sounds of running feet. PERVERTED! Perverted shoes on the table, perverted love, neighbors, me, especially me, perverse living wearing shoes, only shoes. Running in hey.
I understand it experiences inflation the word said many times over and over, the meaning, the dirt and whispers and shame. Especially the shame. It stops being what it is.
Do you know what she did? Can you believe it? What a cunt. She is going to pay for this. I’ll make her pay. I’m that kind of man with tiny m tasting like nougat. Gratification many times over of pain caused and to avoid the danger of being exposed. Oh What genius. with taste of mathematics the substance of brilliance, just to say it. Just to say mathematics makes you stand above. You are a real thing. So real, I can touch you. I bet there are more people like you. It is a perfect world with perversion in it making the perfection and sitting still. What is the payment? That stairs turned upside down. I’m looking at my hairs waving in the air like hey.