riot insanity anger revolution

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Potential of places unused, unutilized, unoccupied, why are they there. Green areas as signs of good maintenance, signs of space, letting nature get to our habitation. Green as grass, green as green, greenery, place for cooling down, sporting, playing, sitting, relaxing, all good things that a busy person can dream about, but maybe not actively do unless greenery, lawn is backyard. Not to do for instance on a lawn located near by the mall, on premises of a car park, a yard of an office building, or where ever public spaces have grass areas with trees as decorations around parking spaces and pavement, asphalt and traffic signs. Similarity of the designed urban space has its wall-like quality, quality to make numb, irritate and careful, alert, still.

Green grass strips giving joyous and refreshing sights for our eyes, being functional and not in public space. They are not to be disturbed by sitting, driving, walking, walking the dog, standing, laying down on grass looking at the sky, who would want that, to be looked at, be on display like that. Lawns have bizarre dead peace like heavy weight on them and stop sign above that is invisible but it is there. They are protected by appropriated rules and how to move in a city. It a cheap way to make contemporary city efficient looking. It is a template that has made cities repeatable patterns, tools, machines and easy for corporations to build their own cubic empires to. Green grass for our cities, which would not be so colorful otherwise, blank in their/our concrete scenery, more livable, movable, understandable and tolerable. To avoid costs, mess and disturbances it seems to be interests of the city that no-one inhabits those strange places, like empty spaces. I stay puzzled by them, green areas, because of the rhythm and pace of our city that it is bound to grow to and with. The moving by cars and with consuming people, not staying put very long, that would raise suspicions, looks. Benches have almost vanished from the urban environment. They are heavy and clumsily designed, uninviting to sleep, to sit and read a book, very uncomfortable, ugly even. They are to be looked at, still in their ugliness. Sitting made ugly and unwanted as passive. Urban city planning done to serve purposes of consuming, wiping unwanted people, unwanted buildings, unwanted landscapes out of the landscape. People not to be seen, to avoid uncomfortable weird behavior, weird look. People that have time to hang around are not tolerated in city centers unless they got money to spend, centers built for businesses, customers and their cars.

It is an active part of a growing and thriving city to keep public places intact, clean and well maintained. Landscape in which cutting grass, blowing leaves, applying sand and removing it with loud machinery are basic methods that are done with great care wearing orange suits. 

We are machining our daily routines. Machines are growing to be part of our consciousness, our body parts. They do things differently than we do.