We really can destroy you, we really can and we will. (I believe you, I didn’t think anything else. I don’t expect anything else.) You should be more careful. (Not going to be, but thanks for the warning. You mean I should know my place. I know it alright, how do you think I got to be a badd ass.))

You betray me, I betray you. And then you don’t touch me in anyway anymore. Learning to know me…Good. It’s funny you thought you did. So funny and happening in repeat. Yes it’s my cute appearence, it can fool you. Is this about hate or feelings at all? This is about identifying ignorance, selfishness, arrogance and teaching others to have less limited way to look at things and other people. Hmm, I’d say this is about survival. Someone trying to make life worth living, and so far it has been, though not easy, but easy doesn’t make you grow. I’m growing! I’m going to be a blooming tree. How much bullshit does it take? Grow with Bullshit! How much can one person take? A lot!! Humans are incredibly sustainable. I am sustainable, flexible learner on this beautiful planet. Question is why some want destruction and think they can get away with it?

Which movie? Kääk 2.