oh lol, Do you know what really is stupid? I think you know nothing. Oh please. I'm sure you do..know. Sofar stupid is mainstream. Stupid is not knowing, insecurity, a child mouth open, something feminine. So judgement happens behind the sauna and can be seen on one's face. No, The punishment happens behind the s. The killing I mean or you can be escorted to the swamp if you are not liked. Well, how human. I call it art. Oh you silly. Yes I am. Human everyday judgement. Oh how stupid and useless.

And continuing with this event or happening, how should it be called, well anyway, yes that’s it!! Well anyway..

Wow, it’s amazing! Isn’t it, what love can do. And lasting more than one year on this Earth. Oh, crap how dumb stupidita idiotic moronismus, no no I mean intellectualityism philosophcicly artsy fartsy bartsy somewhere. On Earth? It has been known and heard that some people actually have a brain and can use the contents inside their heads to think. In arts? I wish. Arts is a fascinating field of expertise. I have no words left. liar. I hope you lie it. It’s good when it looks good. Got it.

To me it is constantly curious how our looks defines us, so obviously, certainly, crushingly, abandoningly, killingly, linglingly. And it starts so early that I cannot help wondering why. WHY GOD, please!! See ya, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee and a doughnut. But I can’t say it makes us friends, still. I’m a careful kind of a girl with x-ray vision to your soul. Bear that as a warning. What Henna are you being judged? Oh no. It must be something bad you did. Yes, it must be. 😦 Was it my feet or my tongue? Your stupid fucking face. (^ω^)NICE!